Briefs or Boxers?

There are many different types of mens underwear. If you are buying the man in your life underwear, you may want to ask him first which kind he prefers as men differ from which types of underwear they will wear. In many cases, it depends on where they are going and what they will be doing that determines the type of underwear they will choose. Most men wear standard underwear briefs when they go to work or when they are at the gym. But other men like to wear boxer shorts, which they claim are more comfortable.

In a recent YouGov poll just a third of women prefer men to be wearing briefs (35%), despite being the underwear of choice for 57% of men. By contrast, while tight fitting boxers are a favourite for only 17% of men, they are favoured by twice as many women (35%). However, there is more parity when it comes to loose fitting boxers, which are worn by 20% of men the majority of the time and are the top choice for men among 19% of women.

Boxer briefs are a combination of briefs and boxer shorts. Boxer briefs are longer than regular briefs, but are fitted so men feel more comfortable. Underwear like this comes in many different colours and materials. You may want to buy the man in your life silk boxer briefs in a wide array of colours and patterns. They make a great gift for those who care about what they wear underneath their clothing. Some men do not care about the type of underwear they are wearing, so shopping for underwear may be more difficult.

Mens underwear is available in many fabrics including cotton, silk, nylon, and flannel. Depending on the time of year that they are going to be worn, most men like to find underwear that is thin and does not bunch up when they walk. Since the underwear will have to worn under pants, bulky briefs do not look attractive and are not the easiest to move around in. When looking for underwear, you should find materials that are light. This will make most men very happy.

If you want to buy a gift that is a little more racy, you may want to buy a mens thong. While most men will not wear this underwear to work, they will want to wear it while on vacation or when they are at home. Thongs are available in many colours and fabrics. Mens G-strings are also available.

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