Choices In Male Swimwear

Men’s clothing generally does not come in the variety or wide range of colours and styles that women have enjoyed, especially when it comes to male swimwear. But nowadays, men’s swimwear comes in so many styles, fabrics and brands that finding just the right swimwear for any occasion will be a breeze. A quick search online will tell you that male swimwear is offered by so many retailers you will need to decide what you want before you shop in order to shorten the list from which to choose.

Types And Styles Of Male Swimwear

There is a wide variety of types of male swimwear such as swimsuits, board shorts, jammers and water shorts. Add to that list styles of men’s swimwear like trunk, racer, brief or tank and choosing the right men’s swimwear for your use becomes complex. Deciding what type or style of men’s swimwear to choose will completely depend on what activities you enjoy and what you are most comfortable wearing. For instance an avid surfer and a non-swimming sunbather would probably choose completely different male swimwear.

There are many designer brands of men’s swimwear such as Giorgio Armani, L.L. Bean and Tommy Bahama. For more athletic types companies like Nike, Speedo and Reebok offer sporty collections of male swimwear.

Fabrics And Colours Of Male Swimwear

Swimwear, whether for men or women, is made of materials that wick away water and dry quickly. These fabrics are dyed in ways that prevent colour fading from both chemicals, such as chlorine, and natural exposures, such as sun and seawater. These fabrics include nylon, polyester, Lycra, spandex, cotton and poly-mesh. Here again activity and comfort are the main criteria of fabric choice.

Colour and pattern of male swimwear varies widely. Whether a solid colour or patterned, such as plaid or striped, male swimwear comes in every colour in the rainbow. You’re sure to find your favourite colour in any style that you choose.

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